Would Luxman work well with JBL?

I am looking to trade in my PSB Imagine T3s for a more vintage speaker. I miss that exciting sound. I’m thinking about the JBL 4367s. Would a Luxman integrated match well with those JBLs? I’m reading that they can be a little finicky with amps.


I hear that Naim gels nicely with those jbl’s, at least with the 4309’s...I’ll be running mine with a 5si...and nac a5 cables and nac a5 jumpers. In Japan, it is popular to run jbl with Accuphase.

I see. Luxman is also a Japanese product, so I wonder if Luxman is compatible with JBL or Klipsch as Accuphase might be. I’m keeping my eye out on this

I have the 4367, as well as experience eith other horns.

The sensitivity rating usually is: 1000hz test tone measure at 1 meter on axial. It tells you absolutely nothing about the actual sound coming out from the speakers. whether its coming out ok, or harsh.


Compression drivers need as much CLEAN power as possible to sound the best. Thats why JBL rates 4367 and other of their monitors 300w amplification (its on the manual). The tone/sound is completely different when it sings at its 100%. Where the clean power coming from is up to you, and of course personal taste and music types dictate the amp choice, but if you are push ur JBL w 10w of whatever, at least borrow someone good 100-300w amp and see the difference.

I can’t help with Luxman but don’t let anyone talk you out of the 4367. It is simply an amazing speaker. Never harsh or bright, super detailed in the bass, mids and outstanding in the highs. A really special speaker. 

Btbluesky…okay thanks. The Luxman I’m looking at is the flagship L-509z which puts out 120W per channel into 8 ohms so it looks like that would work.

I'm fortunate to have an audio store 1-1/2 hours away that has both JBL and Klipsch. I’ll be listening to both. Thanks