Would Luxman work well with JBL?

I am looking to trade in my PSB Imagine T3s for a more vintage speaker. I miss that exciting sound. I’m thinking about the JBL 4367s. Would a Luxman integrated match well with those JBLs? I’m reading that they can be a little finicky with amps.


James633…yes I was looking at those. It’s $16000 price tag might be more than I’m willing to spend. We’ll see.

I’ll be comparing JBL and Klipsch at the same location! Can’t wait

Music direct often has open boxes of 4367s for around $10,000 give or take. 

I will be interested to hear what you think of the Klispch and JBL back to back. I demoed the entire Klispch line (a friend owns the K-horns too) before buying the JBL blind. I focused mostly on the Cornwall IV as the la scale has terrible bass extension (I run subs with all my systems…). I thought the la scala has pretty strong box coloration but it was just a demo so don’t read into that too much.


The Cornwall on McIntosh gear (I also own and use Mac gear) left my ears super tired. As in more tired than they have ever been. I had to take a whole day off of from music to recover?!?  Listening volume were low 90s based on my phone’s db meter. Not sure what that was about. The soundstage also shifted width with frequency which made it sound a little odd. I moved them all around the room in both demos at two different dealers. Where the JBLs are fatigue free at the same volume for me for hours on end. 

The Klispch form memory has more colorations. The 4367 is less colored with a quieter box. I am sure the much better bass driver plays into it too. Where the JBL is heavy cast aluminum and the Klispch is thinly stamped steel. Up to you whether or not you hear that.  Not to mention the duel motor in the JBL woofer is current tech. Then there is the high tech tweeter/mid in the JBL. I am not going to pretend to understand it. It is a two driver with ring diaphragms with no surround. Kind of like two big headphone drivers out of sennhizer… but they have the best highs I have ever heard. Totally smoked the beryllium tweeter in my Revels 228be for detail. 

Anyway I am of the opinion the JBL is a class above the Klispch but it is 3 times the price and not 3 times better. If you have the money or can find a deal go forit. 



Listening fatigue most commonly caused by distortion/compression, which occurred most frequently at (you guess it) the end of chain, your speakers, being the largest mechanical device that produce the actual sound. And the most common cause for distortion/compression in speakers is underpower (they do not get blown by tons of clean power)

This is the interview with the 4367 chief designer (as well as their 80k everest) Grep Timbers https://positive-feedback.com/interviews/greg-timbers-jbl/

He uses 4x Parasound JC1 (800w into 4ohm each) 1 for each woofer in his everest (tube for high). So lets say 4367 has 1 15" woofer, at least give it 400w high current power.



James633…okay good to hear. In 1975 I went into an audio store and a salesperson was playing The Doobie Brothers “Listen to the music” on a high end system. I don’t remember the speakers…were they Cerwin Vega? Altec Lansing? Pioneer? Klipsch? JBL?

Whatever they were they had the best sound I ever heard…and that was 48 years ago. I want that sound.

I’m going to go listen to both. I hope, for price sake, I like the Klipsch better but will see.

The great Steve Hoffman has Klipsch as his reference speaker. But I will see! Thanks for all the advice