Would the Audio Aero Capitole better Theta

Pro Gen Va and Theta Data basic 2 or should I consider upgrading the Theta

Thanks all
I don't think the Aero is a giant killer when it cost $6000. It is a giant (and a good one).
Believe it. Yep! The Capitole (24/192 version) is the single best all-in-one CD player I've had the pleasure to own -- and I've heard, and/or auditoned my share.

At the very LEAST, hear one before you buy ANYTHING (or upgrade).

I own the capitole, and have'nt heard anything better for the money... and if you ask these salespeople of these devices, you might find that you won't have to pay $6000 for one... I did'nt...
Cousindupree- Yes, I've heard them, albeit in somewhat disimilar setups. I prefer the Aero. Everything is relative, one mans giant is anothers dwarf. At 6K, the Aero isn't cheap, however vis-a-vie the 2 box units comprising top of the line Accuphase and Burmester digital playback systems, which IMO it is competitive with, one could fathom it a giant killer given their price points of what, around 30K?