Would This Amp Be Worth The Cost?

Opinions please.
Amp for Sonus Faber Olympica III speakers.

Looking at this amp  Musical Fidelity M8s-500S Power Amplifier
Info https://www.musicalfidelity.com/products/m8series/m8-500s

Replace my Classe Sigma Amp2.



10 Hz – 20 kHz, -1dB into 4 Ohms


200W rms into 8 Ohms, 400W rms into 4 Ohms


<0.018% @ 1 kHz Balanced Input


>80 dB below Fundamental into 8 Ohms Balanced


-100 dB at Peak Output into 8 Ohms (AES17)

Would there be improvement? Worth the cost? 
somewhere in this thread "hearing" became inportant....so I made a Dr's appointment 3.10.2021 at 3PM  to check my hearing .
Afraid of what I might find out .
My "wife" and audio engineer/recording artist "son" both claim I have hearing issues .....
So I might find chasing  this holy grail will be forced to take a left turn instead of a right. 


could you please repeat what you said... couldn’t quite hear you... now i am onto my next $10,000 amp review 🤣

seriously, good luck at the ent doc... 🙏
Thank You @jjss49 . I will be giving an update tomorrow - or Thursday .
Stay well :) 
More power to ya if you can be happy listening to a 400.00$ amp.Good luck you’ll need it.I wish I could.My ears craved better sound than that when I was 14 years old,mowing lawns to feed my addiction to Hi-Fi. After 40 years I’ve spent about 250k.My amplifiers now cost 13k more than the last three year old used car I bought.So if you can be happy with a 400$ amp, or a lifeless digital amp,you should consider yourself lucky,and or deaf.At least you’ll have some money left over for good hearing aids my friend.

Happy Sunday already :) 
Hearing test was a success - No further reduction in hearing from 2014 test. Still a roll-off at 1500 thru 7K . Women and children are often in that range.  Bottom end-not so. Will look to add a new SUB soon :) 
Doc says a hearing aid is needed when my friends are no longer inviting me to discussions because I no longer contribute to the conversation because I miss to much of the dialogue.