Would you buy a Rega P1 or Goldring GR-2

I have a Prima Luna Dialogue Two (38 watt tube amp) with Dynaudio 220's. I am buying my first turntable and listen to mostly rock, followed by classical, blues, then jazz. I found similar pricing on Rega P1 w/ ortofon cartridge and the Goldring GR-2 w/ goldring 1012gx cartridge. What sound better. Cant listen to either due to geography.
For about the same money a Technics SL1200 will do you better. No off speed issues. No wavering piano notes.
You get VTA can swap carts easily. You get a 45 rpm BUTTON.

No doubt about it.
The most important question if we are considering only the P1 and the GR-2 is price. Since I'm relatively certain the GR-2 is no longer in production your only resource for purchasing it will be the used market and they don't come up very often. That said, at the prices they usually command on the used market you won't be spending much more than you would for a new P1 and you'll be getting a table that is worth much more than the few extra dollars you would pay over the P1. If the GR-2 still has its original Goldring 1012 GX cartridge then you are set for quite a while.
You can buy new Goldring GR2 tables, at least until they are out of stock. I don't know everywhere where you might get one, but here is one place: