Would you choose 1 ou 2 subwoofers for a stereo set?

Would you choose 1 bigger sub or 2 smaller ones?

For a living room 6 x 8 meters (speakers on the smaller side). (3.5meters high)

Mcintosh MA9000 + BW802 D3

I listen mostly to digital audio (DAC / Streamer)

Looking into 1 JL Audio 13" or 2 JL Audio 10"



For those who can do rudimentary woodworking (just a simple box), the Rythmik Subs are available as DIY kits. For those who can't, a local cabinet maker can do it for you pretty cheaply.

The 15" Rythmik sub comes in a China-sourced 3cu.ft. enclosure, but if going DIY Brian Ding recommends building a 4cu.ft. one, for free increased output.

By the way, the Rythmik plate amps feature the best controls available on the market, far better than most of the competition. Check out the Rythmik website for details.

Two subs or more. I’m using a pair of Rythmik subs,  F12SE-XLR3 and A370XLR3 amp


I’m  also using a Sublimeacoustic K231 as a 2 way XO. The miniDSP XO sounds promising, especially w/ room correction. I’d I was all digital, I’d be more inclined to pursue it. However, I’m not convinced my LPs would sound as good. 

My two Rythmik non-ported direct servo subs are lined with GR Research "No Rez" damping+foam material and use Swiss Digital Fuse Box units. Both mods make a big difference in output and sound quality. No Rez has an effect equivalent to both increasing enclosure inner air space and damping enclosure vibrations so you aren't listening to the enclosure resonance any more. The SDFB with a copper slug sounds like a much more powerful amp.  CC: @bdp24 , @lewinskih01 , @rhg3 

My two Rythmik non-ported direct servo subs are lined with GR Research "No Rez"

Shoulda thought of this before...Excellent idea man! I have been using the isoacoustics aperta with my F12Gs...Ordering some No Rez now!

@deep_333 No need for anything expensive under a sub for isolation. Just use a $25-$30 set of four spring feet with at least half of the springs damped with closed cell foam earplugs. Can do the same under components, optimizing tone with 50-75% of springs foam damped. More damping means more bass and low mids.