Would you choose 1 ou 2 subwoofers for a stereo set?

Would you choose 1 bigger sub or 2 smaller ones?

For a living room 6 x 8 meters (speakers on the smaller side). (3.5meters high)

Mcintosh MA9000 + BW802 D3

I listen mostly to digital audio (DAC / Streamer)

Looking into 1 JL Audio 13" or 2 JL Audio 10"


TWO subs for sure….2 subs are sonically better than one, even huge one. I don’t think 2 10” subs will properly pressurize your space. Unless you’re only listening to acoustical jazz you will sense something is missing. I have multiple SBS subs that do a great job in my HT room but for two channel listening I would go in that direction. Get two subs to compliment your lovely B&Ws. JL or REL should be you’re candidates. 10” subs will be lacking in your large

space. First choice for me would be two JL F112 V2s. They are very fast and the built in DSP room correction is fantastic and a relatively small footprint. +WAF. THE RELa are great but have less power and don’t hit the same. Good luck and cheers 

Two subs. Try one in the front and one in the back to see if it makes a more 3 dimensional sound. 

Always two or more sub woofers. 

I have two REL S812s and love the balanced distribution and performance. Tuneful and dynamic. 

Hey gfguimaraes...thanks for your question.

My space is a small 10' x 10' x 7 1/2' cube dedicated studio...hard worked for good sound.  For several years I used a pair of sealed 10" UltraCube Paradigm subwoofers beneath my monitor stereo pair of speakers, quite successfully.  The monitors sat atop some nice IsoAcoustic stands, a functional arrangement giving the illusion of full range speakers in a small space. 

Several months ago, one of the subs failed.  Surprisingly to me, the single sub improved the overall sound.  Another lesson for trying options in building a system.  The Paradigm subs were $150ea... a lucky Goodwill store find. 

So, it was time to get to work exploring the best choice with around a $1,500 budget for a better, larger single sub.  Having the good fortune of befriending a number of skilled, experienced audio friend over the years, the consensus was in choosing the Rythmik L12 Direct Servo subwoofer, delivered to Maine directly from Texas for $629.00.  With the money saved by not choosing the usual suspects, I also purchased two 24" x 48" corner traps from ATS Acoustics.

One is a true bass trap positioned on the front wall corner, and the other a "full frequency" trap on the opposing backwall corner, diagonally opposed the bass trap.  Keep in mind that I also have made extensive room tuning, dampening and diffraction choices over the years.    

The results of the larger single Servo sub and tuning are a dramatic improvement overall.  In running test signal frequency sweeps (Stereophile and YouTube,) there are sensations in the room at 20 decibels...way down in volume, of course, but the room is triggered by them, indicating very deep bass well under 30 cycles (that's for the ol' timers.)

As a result, large orchestral, rock and other big stuff benefits greatly, however, more valued, is what accurate, solid deep bass can do for the rest of the frequencies...again, do some homework.  My goals are always natural unamplified sounds in a real space.  This delivers. 

Recently, in addition to these improvements, is the The BACCH DSP Plug-In download, (see topic below.)  I'm into week 5 or so in using the BACCH Plug-In, cost $320.  Still no downside, a real keeper. 

Note:  I have a friend/audio Tech who sets up my digital needs remotely.  Invaluable.    

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Another vote for two subwoofers. There are many good subs from which to choose, but if you want the best stereo imaging then you want two. I have two SVS SB3000s that I like especially for the iPhone app that permits nuanced adjustments.