Would you move to a bigger house if you could just to have a better listening room ?

Let's see how crazy we are.


I learned enough to make any room to sound at least good...

Acoustics rules...


Yes, but daunting.  I live in Silicon Valley and home prices are ridiculous so increasing space is expensive.  Pressure to stay local so that my triplets won't have to commute far after graduating college.  

We like houses and have owned some pretty nice ones over the years--although having a listening room is a consideration, it never drove the purchase. It was the architecture, quality of construction, location and other attributes. We've done some extensive work on some.

I've always had a dedicated listening room, even when I was a youth living with my parents. I'm now in my 70th year. When we downsized and moved to Texas a number of years ago, I had planned to build a separate building, but the way we use this house-much smaller than most of the previous ones--I found that the upstairs-- a large room that is roughly 30 long and 14 feet wide, narrowing at the front wall to about 11 feet, was perfect. It may be the best sounding room I've had, with minimal treatment-- mainly bass traps.

One factor in houses is that I don't like low ceilings or small rooms. The interesting thing about this current house- built in the 1880's-- is that the main floor is scaled to mansion-like dimensions in the public rooms. But it is actually a relatively small (2400 sf) home. 

I don't know if this is my last house. We had planned on buying a modern style house but the quality of construction for new houses was pretty low. Austin was a very hot market at the time, and we would have been forced to spend crazy money to build. So, apart from the house I grew up in (which was custom built in the early '60s), all the properties I owned as an adult were old: a brownstone in Brooklyn Heights, a Spanish Revival in Westchester (circa 1911) and a Greek Revival in Grandview, NY that at its core, was from the late 18th century. 

I do think there is something special about old houses and if I had my druthers, it would be a big old manse with butler pantry, back staircase and all the other elements of a grand house. Now that I'm retired, I'm thankful that I had an opportunity to enjoy some of those houses, but relieved that I don't have to carry the cost of them. Maintenance and upkeep alone are a killer, let alone property and school taxes. 

@mahgister your skill might not be enough for lofts unless you partition it.


You are probably right!😊

I only worked with 2 relatively small room..

Probably it will take me more time to do it right but it will also cost me way much in a way bigger room...

i prefer small room because of cost and it will be easier to do it for me...