Would you move to a bigger house if you could just to have a better listening room ?

Let's see how crazy we are.


Inna, took care of that business thirty-four yeas ago. Well worth it and have enough surrounding acreage to not bother neighbors with the sound of music. What a joy every day.



That's good perspective. I think that many Americans like me don't realize that most Europeans have smaller homes. I do know that, and I feel fortunate to have a 13 x 11x 9 dedicated room, knowing that that is the size of living rooms in some European homes; and don't even talk about Japan.

We’re searching for our next home for when my wife retires. The main reason is to find a home without stairs but I’ve been promised a dedicated audio salon. My system is in our living room and while it sounds good, it’s a compromise. 

The next place will have proper acoustics with little consideration for esthetics. And if I can possibly accomplish it, be sealed enough that I can enjoy a Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur #3 Claro and a cocktail while listening to Miles!

Happy (and comfortable) listening. 😉

then I understand your desire for space. Have you been to Littleton, NH? Not as cheap as it once used to be but still, my favorite part of New England.

I have dedicated listening and viewing nook in my basement, so , sure, I would trade up.  But my retirement apartment that I  will move into in 3 years already has a room that will be my listening room, so no harshing my buzz!