Would you pay to audition speakers

A dealer told me that he will let people audition 1 pair of speakers for free. If you want to hear multiply speakers
he charges 500.00. If you buy a pair of speakers he will credit you back the 500.00. He says he does this so people don't waste his time. He says If someone is serious about purchasing speakers they won't have a problem with the 500.00 deposit. I'm Interested in knowing how the Audiogon community feels about this.
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I think he just said that cause you have been wasting his time and it was his subtle way of giving you the arm.Many paths to salvation they say.YMMV,Bob
I came across this with a dealer who sold a particular brand of amp. This was long before the internet age where people might take advantage of a dealer and then buy online. I believe the policy applied to models other than the ones he had on demo in the store and had to be brought in specifically for you to audition. His rationale was that once the box for a unit was opened, it had to be sold at a discount even though it was new. So he charged a nonrefundable deposit that could be applied as a credit towards the purchase if you subsequently bought. The manufacturer was aware of this policy when a disgruntled consumer informed them of the store. They didn't approve; however, they said they couldn't do anything about it other than withdraw their products from the store, which they did not want to do.
I'm not too old to remember the day that customers came FIRST and salesmen were knowledgeable, courteous, respectful, and jumped at the chance to help...

Now-a-days salesmen are rude, bothered-to-help, and have no idea about what they are selling or even if they have it in stock...

And we are supposed to wonder why sales have fallen off the cliff -- well, it doesn't take a PhD to see. Vote with your dollar (ie -- go somewhere else).
I suspect it's only used against audiophiles. A "civilian" customer talks and acts differently than us veterans and the dealer can readily discern the difference. Nearly all the successful dealers I've discuss the subject with say they make no money on audiophiles.