Would you sell for cash?

I just got an offer for my amp from a buyer on US Audio Mart and he wants to pay cash. He lives five hours away but has an employee in my town, which is a suburb of a larger metro area. He offered to have his employee pick up the amp and pay cash. The buyer has been on US Audio Mart for 8 months and has no feedback, which is not unusual. 

I guess the cash part makes me uncomfortable but maybe this is not so uncommon? So wondering if many accept cash with local pickups and has anyone had a problem.  Seems like PayPal or Venmo would be preferable. I guess I can see someone with a business drawing petty cash out for personal use. Just not sure about the whole story. Thoughts?


Sure, I'll take cash, actually prefer it. I always do in person deals at my workplace. If worried about counterfeit money, take photos of transaction, including buyer, numbers on bills. Get more than one item of proof of identity, and take photos of those.


Lots of talk about ripoffs here, wonder how many have actually been ripped off. Vast majority of these scammers copy cats, common sense, not being greedy and/or desperate for money will suffice to keep one from getting ripped off.

" I just got an offer from a local buyer and will try to work that angle first"

Interesting, wasn't that the original offer to begin with? A person, from your hometown was going to was going to pay with cash and pickup the amp. I can't think of a better arrangement.

@dill, no this is a different buyer. This new buyer offered cash or PayPal but has a solid Agon rating. 

No, I understand that, but the original offer from the out of town buyer was basically the same, a local person would come to you and pay cash. It seems that because the new interested buyer has a "solid Agon rating" and an offer to pay with cash or Paypal, you seem more receptive. Are you expecting more security using PayPal (buyer has a recourse if unhappy) and an AudiogoN membership as being more secure? Remember you will have PayPal fees too. I guess I really don’t understand what you are afraid of. Your asking price is only $1500 and are going to take an offer. No shipping worries either. I just don’t get your position.

That is not what the OP said. Geezzz what a bunch of paranoid people, nobody other than the OP knows the amount of money that is involved.

They come out of the woodwork like that around here. Doesn't take much to trigger them. Probably saw a squirrel. 

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