Would you sell for cash?

I just got an offer for my amp from a buyer on US Audio Mart and he wants to pay cash. He lives five hours away but has an employee in my town, which is a suburb of a larger metro area. He offered to have his employee pick up the amp and pay cash. The buyer has been on US Audio Mart for 8 months and has no feedback, which is not unusual. 

I guess the cash part makes me uncomfortable but maybe this is not so uncommon? So wondering if many accept cash with local pickups and has anyone had a problem.  Seems like PayPal or Venmo would be preferable. I guess I can see someone with a business drawing petty cash out for personal use. Just not sure about the whole story. Thoughts?


LOL, OP doesn't want cash. Do you know how many businesses are cash based businesses? Lots. I pay everything in cash that I can. Everybody loves cash. 

Cold hard cash is the way lots of police agencies fund themselves using asset forfeiture in make believe crimes. They confiscate, refuse to charge, give no receipts, and you're sh*t outta luck in getting it back. It's all done under the guise of "suspicion" and the local small town governments say tough luck. I guess you can call that a business.

One way to get around that is to trust banks, or at least credit unions, and use plastic for all your large transactions. Beyond that, go with god and good luck.

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Do you know how the USA must pay the fed to print the notes, obviously you can't use FED notes... 

Learn to use cash if you don't, it wil cost you... the dems almost got the IRS to scan for more than $600 in and out transactions of your bank accounts... do you know why... so depositing $$$ in your checking account would be considered income, something you must disprove or pay taxes on!! it failed, but they will try again...

Enough freaking politics already! We can't discuss cash, China, NY, or CA without politics coming up. It's an audio site just freaking stop it please.


My comments are still at the top of the list....

Do what you’re ’comfortable’ with....and bring a witness. ;)

(...preferably someone not related to you by blood or marriage...)