Would you sell for cash?

I just got an offer for my amp from a buyer on US Audio Mart and he wants to pay cash. He lives five hours away but has an employee in my town, which is a suburb of a larger metro area. He offered to have his employee pick up the amp and pay cash. The buyer has been on US Audio Mart for 8 months and has no feedback, which is not unusual. 

I guess the cash part makes me uncomfortable but maybe this is not so uncommon? So wondering if many accept cash with local pickups and has anyone had a problem.  Seems like PayPal or Venmo would be preferable. I guess I can see someone with a business drawing petty cash out for personal use. Just not sure about the whole story. Thoughts?


My humble apologies @jond... I am here for the knowledge, to ask questions and to gain insight...Audiophiles (or anybody for that matter) that sells stuff, would have been subjected to this if it wasn't stripped from the infrastructural bill!! (The purpose to use cash is for a little anonymity from oversite...)

This would of affected anyone that sells on this site, period! One would have to proven where the bought it from and have a traceable transaction to get out of paying income tax on it... Maybe people knew about it, maybe not... but now they do... I was not bashing a political side, but I did specify who was responsible for it., yes this is a important fact as they will try to add it in again, cause monetary servitude is the goal... of course this is merely my opinion.😏 Again though, didn't mean to ruffle your feathers!



Sell the amp man, count your cash and be on your way. Be thankful he doesn't want to verify that it even works. How could he at a bank or you could just meet up at a store? 

The amp was sold for cash to a different local buyer with good Agon feedback. Dropped off at his place of business.