Would you sell to someone with no feedback?

 A new member has offered to buy equipment from me using PayPal. He/she has no feedback. What precautions should I take before accepting the offer and posting the item???


What about advice for someone who wants to sell a couple of components but has no seller history. Will anybody buy from him as he is a first timer and has no feedback?

My only experience on audiogon is buying a pair of speaker demos from a dealer by wire transfer which went very smoothly.

Any tips for a first time seller or is this probably fruitless? As somebody said everybody at the beginning is a first time seller. You got to start at some point.

everybody should start from somewhere and given a chance to purchase.
What I have noticed though being a dealer, is that the no-feedback buyers do back out from the purchase often
There are "buyer protection" policies vs "seller protection" policies. Any seller who does not become an expert in the details of PayPal seller protection policies is rolling the dice with every sale. One misstep such as not getting delivery confirmation on your shipment will make you vulnerable to the many scam buyers who prey on uninformed sellers by using the power of the well intended but flawed "buyer protection" rules to their advantage.