Would you sell to someone with no feedback?

 A new member has offered to buy equipment from me using PayPal. He/she has no feedback. What precautions should I take before accepting the offer and posting the item???

I agree with mb1audio02.
But, if you do sell and get paid via Paypal, only sell if buyer has a verified address. As mb stated, Paypal is more likely on the buyers side and scammers know this. 
 I also look at posts, discussions, feedback, etc that other buyers/sellers have. It helps to know about the persons interests, etc.
 I've had very few problems and lots of positive transactions.
2 positives-
I posted a question about cables. A member (Albert) chimed in and offered to send me a pair to audition. He merely trusted me to return the cables. He did't know me at all.
 About 10 years ago, I made an offer for some very expensive speakers (10k range). My offer was declined. As the ad ended, the guy contacted me to say he'd consider my offer, but I was reluctant because he had no feedback and could not sell the item. He offered to ship the speakers to me. If I wanted to keep them, send him payment. If I didn't want to keep them, return the speakers. I eventually sent him the $.
 Sometimes we get lucky and things work out.
True sometimes you gave to take a chance .Like buying a lotto ticket , does marrying  your girlfriend fault into the same action ?

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