Wow, $10k+ cables

I’m a true cables believer. I do believe they can make (significant) improvement to system but $10,000+ for a single power cord or a pair of interconnect? Cmon now
I am assuming that I couldn't interest you in a matched pair of "ineffable" Sukhavati 3m, spade-to-spade speaker cables, of which the manufacturer assures "each aspect of sound presents itself as simply there",  at a mere $77,000.00 USD then? 
There are far less expensive PranaWire cables. $77k is too extravagant for any cables unless they are at a completely different level.
You can go to Jay's Audio Lab (White Camaro) on YouTube and compare his recent exotic power-cord swaps to listen for differences.  Out of my league, though.
But I think OCC single crystal wire is the best wire on the market
I’m going to speculate here... This person has probably auditioned a small fraction of the cables out here, and furthermore most of us have auditioned a small fraction of them especially the really expensive ones. I would go along with "best I’ve tried" or "best I’ve found for the money" or something similar, but to declare them the "best on the market" is a bit of a stretch.. OK... a HUGE stretch. Kind of a worthless observation.

Which is no more worthless than the OP’s worthless observation. Substitute car, wine, watch, shoes, or any other expensive thing that caters to people who have a lot of money and you end up at the same place. Some people pay more for a bottle of wine and think nothing of it.. and that ends up in the toilet a few hours later. Pointing out the obvious fact that a lot of rich people spend (waste?) a lot of money on things they don’t need is the definition of a worthless observation.

Look through the archives and google around to find countless, pointless posts like this. So why do people start these threads over and over and over when you get the same responses over and over and over? Like this worthless response.

...perhaps a more worthless response is the enjoyment of 'listening to' y'all attempting to validate your choices of ic/pc cables assembled by virgins in sterile facilities using zircon tweezers at the dead of night during the dark of the moon....

Of course, the materials used would make NASA drool IF they could source such.  The next level, of course, will be supercooled ones using a refrigeration unit that will need special isolation risers to keep said cables from shattering the floor they're above, not to mention the isolation sleeves that will keep your equipment intact.... 

Oh, and don't forget the 440 VAC line needed to run the 'fridge.  You'll have to compete with the Covid vaccine suppliers for the 'fridge, too....

I can't wait to hear how 'special' all that sounds, so get on it, huh?