Wow .... €50K Headphones ... What next

I didn't think I'll live to see this ... But here it is

Does this mean there is now permission to raise the tide ?!
Schubert, Kijanki was just making a joke, a good one at that. $55k headphones are messed up, even in a world of $1mil Porsches cruising down the highway.

On a side note, I agree with Schubert regarding the moral dilemma on this one; I doubt that the people blowing $55k on headphones are donating to good causes...enogh. Shoot, if you're blowing $55k on headphones you should have donated at least $500k to good causes... Thats like me giving $25 to the homeless ($250 the math).
@ Schubert:

Nothing astute about it.

Just the fact that now there is the wide open gap. Difference b/w the the next highest priced headphones is around $5K, 1/10th the price. So, in the coming years, headphone manufacturers will be filling the gap.

Forget the amp that's being paired and sold as a set, one can find creative ways to fit the bill ;)

One has to take the plunge to test the market, and Seinheisser as a company can do it. If all 250 disappear in the following months, then whola 😬