Wow. Tidal now has Internet radio in USA

A fatfinger touch of my Aurender iPad app popped up an internet radio station. I knew that Tidal offered IR in Europe, but did not know that they had introduced it in USA. Maybe I am behind on discovering this?

Found a couple of decent jazz stations so far. Good sound quality. What are your favorite stations?

My favorite internet radio station is Radio Paradise. It has a great eclectic mix of music, most rock, alt rock, etc, but also some jazz, classical blues electronic, etc. They stream at 320kbps and it sounds great.
Thank you reubent. I think I would like that station, but, as with many jazz titles recommended to me, Tidal does not have Radio Paradise.

@dlcockrum - well that $ucks. I'm guessing RP may be the most popular internet radio station in existence. It certainly is with the music fans I know.
Dlcockrum, that is cool, never knew about Tidal offering radio stations. Thanks I'll check it out...
The internet radio stations all vary quality-wise.  Most internet radio streams are 128Kbps.  Every FM Station is different.  The Aurender App lists 10 recommended stations based on dealer and end user feedback.  

Custom internet radio stations can be added by the end user and will appear in Favorites.  I suggest you search for Calm Radio since they offer many different types of music for listening.  

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Are you sure it's Tidal streaming? I know that Aurender added support for SHOUTcast radio stations earlier this year.  
I do not believe the radio stations are from Tidal.  There is a separate tab on the App for radio stations.  I am guessing Aurender added access to these stations but I do not know how. 
You are both right, nycjlee and hgeifman.It is indeed SHOUTcast.I only use Aurender and the app is so "Tidal-like" that I assumed this was through Tidal. Sorry for the mis-info and thanks for correcting.

hgeifman, also thanks for the tip on Calm. I will check it out.