Wrapping Up 2016

All in fun, there is always a wrap up of the year’s highlights, this is what comes to mind, feel free to add to the list:

Within recent memory we have discussed, solid state A , AB, class D and OTL and other tube amps, preamps, phono amps, turntables, tone arms, cartridges, cd players of all types, DACs, music servers, speaker cables, interconnects, PCs, room treatments, reflections off walls, floors, windows, tables, racks, platforms, fuses, receptacles, power conditioners, stands and stand mount monitors, towers, cone and electrostatic speakers, subwoofers, beverages and drugs to accompany listening, listening chairs, graphene, magnets, lasers, markers for CDs, record cleaners, cleaning solutions, tubes, tube dampeners, fuses, whatever comes into Geoff’s mind, music software, all the SR other tweaks, modders, CES and other shows, capacitors, music, wire and fuse directionality, cryogenics, watches, automobiles, televisions, home theater systems, and …….


@jetter  Love the line : whatever comes into Geoff’s mind.

Sorry Geoff, but ya gotta admit, that was a good one!!


Drumpfk Symphonic Bombast Corp.    Surely not referring to my beloved mini-predators?!?!?! LOL

Have a great(and safe) New Years everyone!!

another thread designed to promote (nothing), just the OP's # of threads.
eddy - Drumpk is the family name of our next President

Symphonic Bombast - I took that from Stereophile's equipment reviews, where they say that just because it isn't in this years Recommended Component's does not mean it is not as good as when it was Recommended

Predator - the new Wilson high-end speaker looks like one, so i added that too

Enjoy the potato-potato sound!
slaw and randy,
Hope your new years gets better.

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