Wyetech or Coincident Frankenstein IIs

I want to try some some different amps to power my Avantgarde Unos. I am currently using an Audio Zone Amp-1. I want try try tubes. What are your thoughts on the Coincident Frankenstein IIs, Wyetech Onyx or Wyetech Sapphires to power these horns? I know there are other choices but these amps are currently available to me. I have heard nothing but good things about Wyetech so I am leaning that way. However, Arthur Salvatore considers the Frankentein IIs to be a great amp and the price is not that high.

Let me know your comments please.

I've got the Frank II's, and they are incredible. The choice of 300 tube is crucial (especially, I would think, with horns). Israel Blume suggested the KR "Baloon" tubes, and I've never looked back (I'm listening through his Total Victory IV's). I think Salvatore prefers the TJ Mesh Plates... I may try them some time if my wife lets me.
Call Blume. He's probably had the Unos (and Duos, Trios...) hooked up to the Franks. He's extremely knowledgeable and best of all, he's accessible.
I like lots of other amps, like Wavelength, Lamm, even inexpensive 2a3 based amps; but the Frankensteins are something special, especially at their price.
Coincident is far purer (less grit) and engaging. Sapphires have a SS-like edge artifact that is not appealing. I am an ex-Topaz monoblock and Onyx owner so am quite familiar with Roger's offerings.
Wyetech Topaz the best- does leading-edge transients like nothing else (have owned it- still have another SET 211 amp- love that tube), but then more $$ than the rest of your choices, plus you need a preamp with some 'body' to it. Frankenstein VERY transparent- be aware of that- not 'typical' 300B lushness...
Thanks for the replies. Sounds like Wyetech Onyx are not the best match. My big concern is that I avoid an amp that results in speaker hum as the Unos can amplify any noise.

Has anyone tried the Coincidents, Topaz or Sapphires on speakers that are >100 db of sensitivity?
Another thought, the UK importer of Avantgarde makes his own line of amps, Tron. You may have seen the name on Gon threads. I am not a fan of horns, a defect in my character I am sure, but they certainly made a nice sound with his amps at a recent audition of a turntable. A deathly quiet background, no sound even with the volume turned up. You would not easily get to audition them of course, but he a nice chap to talk to, look up GT audio on the web.