Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE vs Bryston BP6?

For the moment i am using a Rotel RA-1520 as a pre connected to a RB-1562 class D amp to power a pair of dynaudio Focus 140.

I am interested in upgrading my preamp and have been interested in the Wyred 4 Sound Stp-SE and in the Bryston BP6.
Eventually i would like to upgrade the amp also to either of the brands above.
Does anybody has any idea of how these two measure up?

IMHO, I would skip ahead and get yourself a Wyred 4 Sound STI-500 Integrated amp and be done with it.
If possible I think it would be best to wait til you have the $ to upgrade both the preamp and amp together so you know they're compatible w/ each other and your tastes (or go the integrated route as mentioned above). I have a BP6 and consider it a completely transparent open window to the music, but when paired with a Bryston amp I found the sound to be very revealing, quick, and tight but a tad thin sounding for my tastes/system (I have no experience w/ any of the Wyred products). In the end I paired it with a McCormack amp that had a fuller, richer, and more robust sound that complemented the BP6 better in my system and for my tastes (and worked better than the Bryston amp with my prior preamp). Point is, even if you choose the Bryston or Wyred pre you still may not like the sound in your system and for your tastes when used with one of the sibling amps, so it's not a forgone conclusion that that strategy will work. There are lots of great preamps out there, some of which you may much prefer to these two, so I'm not sure limiting yourself to a couple just because you might purchase their amps later on is the best strategy. Anyway, just a thought and best of luck in your search.