Wyred 4 sound vs Red Dragon digital mono blocks??

Wyred 4 Sound has issued its new ST500MKII digital mono blocks How much different(or better) can they sound than the Red Dragon M-500 digital mono blocks. I have the Red Dragon M-500 with the Acoustic Zen Adagios, and a Bel Canto PRe3 pre-amp and the sound is very good.

So why mess with a good thing?? Because I am like many 'philes curious if I can get "even" better sound with the Wyred for Sound digital mono blocks. Both the W4S and RD's use the same ICE circuitry. However, this may be just a sideway move with marginal to no improvement in sound.

I have read and been advised that the Bel Canto REF M-500MKII would be an aubible upgrade in sound over both. especially in terms of smoother highs, tighter bass, possibly greater sense musicality, The BC REF 500 II are $5000 new and about $2700-2900 used and with a lucky deal.

If I can find just a 150-200RMS stereo amp that will possibly outperform all three, I would seriously consider that over monoblocks. But, I fear that is going to be at the upper end of the PASS, Lamm, or Modwright line of amps or possibly Krell.

The other option which has been highly recommended is upgrade a McCormack DNA 0.5 or DNA-1 to the Rev-A level. Would appreciate input from members who have or had one or two of the amps, or all of them at one or another. What might be the best option considering the basic frame of my system. Thank you, Jim
Input is handled thru the 'GainCell'......whatever that really is.
Even has a pair of balanced ins.

As for 'modified' modules? I don't think so. But, don't forget that ASP modules include a SMPS which while you can 'modify' it, that would usually consist of a few extra cosmetic caps.
Perhaps adding some heat sink would help the long-term hi power output, which in ASP modules is severely time limited. Continuous power is substantially below the RMS rating. I believe ALL 'd' amps can be helped by extra heat sinking. The exception would be amps which already have such extra heatsinks. Maybe Spectron or a few others.

Is the ASP early? Late? Middle of road?

My sameness remark is aimed exclusively at ICE modules in general. To expect drastic differences between essentially identically moduled amps is a bit of a stretch..at least to me.
Thanks to everyone who responded, especially Magfall for clarifying "digital" from class "D" Thanks to Swanny for the BC reference M1000 tip, but that is more than I can spend.

I will try to find a McCormack DNA 0.5 deluxe(100RMS) and have it upgraded to a REV B which is $575 on SMc current price sheet; upgraded to the REV A is $1000. Is it worth the extra $425?? Let me know if you have made these upgrades to the same amp. My other concern is the .05's power after the upgrades Jim
Sorry for a bit of offtopic here - I saw your post where you were asking about the RHB Sound Design mod for the CJ the other day, can recall now where it was. I am planning to do the same. If you already followed that path could you please email me the details of what you did in this direction at asmirnov9@hotmail.com
Thank you
Last week I compared the Red Dragon M-500 Monos to ARC 100.2 with ARC SP 16/Vandersteen 3A Sigs and I preferred the Dragons, although the ARC sounded good. The Dragons had more bass, better high end extension which is very sweet sounding with more detail. Sound stage was about the same. The impedance mismatch with the tube preamp was not so much a problem. I've heard that the new model will have a buffer to make input impedance higher, better suited for tube preamps. I really like how the Dragons perk up the 3A Sigs. Of course the ARC 100.2 mates quite well with them also.
It will be interesting to see how the new versions sound in comparison.
Avs9 Sorry, I did not get back to you sooner. I did not go through with the plan to buy a vintage CJ pre-amp, or amp. I decided to buy the Bel Canto PRe3 which is very good.

As Tonyjack mentioned in the last response, the Red Dragon M-500 digital monoblocks are very good sounding amps. The more I listen to them., the more I like them. For the money they are excellent value

I did mention in another post of looking for a used McCormack DNA-0.5, and having it modded by SMc industries, but I can't find an 0.5, and the upgrades are very expensive Thanks to all, Jim