Wyred Dacs--Thoughts?

The new Wyred dacs employing the Sabre dac chips have, as I understand things, been shipping. If any of you have had the opportunity to get your hands on one and listen to it in your system or a familiar one, I would appreciate your thoughts.
I've just gotten mine, (Dac 1). I've only had it running for a day but cold out of the box it sounded about as good as my DAC Magic..200 hours is recommended break in. Build quality is very good, it's bigger in person than it looks in the pictures. I'll try and post a bit about SQ when it's gotten a few more hours on it, but I suspect it's a real winner, and a serious bargain at $995.00
I'm wondering if the Wyred DAC-1 would be a substantial upgrade over the DacMagic? or just an incremental upgrade?
Erikminer - Please keep us posted on your findings over the DacMagic.
The DAC-1 would definitely be an upgrade in transparency and dynamics, I've owned both.