Wyred DACS

They released the final specs for their DACs last week. Shipping this month. Anybody order? The DAC-1 is quite reasonable, but not upgradable to the asynch-USB, which the DAC-2 has. The DAC-2 also has the I2S but I don't know what it's gonna connect to.
But , gentlemen and ladies: What is the sound like? Is this something that will enhance my squeezebox and NAD and Vandersteen 1C's to the point where I will definitely want to ditch my old Theta Pro Progency A DAC? I am really wanting to upgrade this but want to know if this will make a subtle difference or a very major one...too bad you can't hear these at a local shop...
I am supposed to receive delivery of my DAC2 today and will audition it over the next few days and report on my findings. I have had a number of CDP's and DAC's over the years and so feel that I will be able to tell if this is a quantum leap, an incremental improvement or just more of the same in a value package.

Does anyone know if the sound of the DAC-1 and DAC-2 are essentially the same? Does the DAC-2 just add a preamp, AES input, etc. to the DAC-1?
I'm thinking about replacing DacMagic with DAC-1.
I have a Dac Magic, it's not even close.. I also have a PS Audio PWD, and the W4S is close to the PS for a third of the price..