Wyred DACS

They released the final specs for their DACs last week. Shipping this month. Anybody order? The DAC-1 is quite reasonable, but not upgradable to the asynch-USB, which the DAC-2 has. The DAC-2 also has the I2S but I don't know what it's gonna connect to.
I have a Wyred 4 Sound DAC1 and would be interested in hearing anyone comparing it to the DAC2. It was my understanding, other than the USB, IS2 and the preamp functionality, the two are audibly identical. When I corresponded with Wyred 4 Sound, they indicated that the preamp function in the DAC2 is good but not as good as their integrated amps. This is why I went for the DAC1 with a Wyred 4 sound integrated coming up as my next purchase.

My system is comprised of Magnepan 1.7s, Bada Amp and Preamp (Chinese), Netgear 9150 which holds all of my 315 CDs feeding the Wyred 4 Sound DAC1. Amazingly good sound.
For those of you who received your Wyred DACs, please commenton your experiences and comparisons! Thanks from the rest of us.
Ronwills-Did you have another DAC before the DAC-1? If so, which DAC and how did it compare?
There's plenty of discussion about features. Can *anyone* offer comments on the sound? Have any reviews been done yet?

Many thanks in advance.

I was wondering if you received your DAC2 yet and what you think of it?

06-17-10: Nglazer
I am supposed to receive delivery of my DAC2 today and will audition it over the next few days and report on my findings. I have had a number of CDP's and DAC's over the years and so feel that I will be able to tell if this is a quantum leap, an incremental improvement or just more of the same in a value package.