Wyred SX-1000 Mono’s or PS Audio S700 Mono’s?

Has anyone been able to compare these amps to one another? I want to stick with class D for efficiency, so I ruled out the Schit mono’s. Either has a lot more power than I need currently (groan), but this could change. Then there is the PS S300 stereo.

Room: 25 x 25

Currently: Cambridge Azure 840C (transport only); OPPO 105D; MHDT Orchid DAC; Rowland Synergy III preamp; Rowland Model 2 amp (class AB); Gallo Strada 2’s (might replace with 1.7i Maggies); Gallo TR-3D sub.

Music: Jazz, some blues, some rock, some classical.

When it comes to class d....there are those that love it and those that hate it but I suspect all would agree that it is making significant strides forward.

Here is a really interesting article that is worth reading no matter what you decide.  https://positive-feedback.com/interviews/tommy-obrien-digital-amplifier-co/

Given the ease with which one can do home trials these days and the relatively low cost of return freight, my thoughts would be to try two, or three or four amplifiers, maybe even at the same time, so see which one really delivers what you are looking for.

And just to add another option for consideration or possible comparison, check these guys out....they have amps ranging from $1200 and up...and pretty good write ups.   https://www.cherryamp.com/
OK, change in consideration:

Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000R mono blocks or Benchmark AHB2 stereo, class D or AAA. Leaning toward the Benchmark based upon readings.


It seems Stradas are known to need the right amp specs to sound magical. Im strictly guessing here, with my own experience where I went through 5 different class D amps in ~1.5 years. Ric Schultz's EVS 1200 was a big upgrade from all the others, but when I got the LSA Voyager GaN 350, my system sounded significantly more real/natural