Wyred4Sound DACII VS. Wadia Di 122 Which DAC? Help!

looking to buy a new DAC. I am down to two choices. The Wyred4Sound DAC II and the Wadia Di 122. Anyone who has heard both, Please comment on which you liked the most and why. Thank You!
Rsa, I'm not familiar with Wadia dac though we had the Wyred4sound 2v2 SE which we very much enjoyed . I like any audio company that offers periodic upgrades especially when it honestly enhances an already good product.

I would not choose the Wadia DAC unless you were willing to also get a really nice external linear power supply such as a Teradak (instead of using the switching power supply adapter that comes with the unit). Though, it’s only driven by a +5V DC power supply, so the analog circuits are not going to have the optimum voltage for operating (which is typically a split power supply such as +/-12V or more).

Based on this, I would choose the Wyred 4 Sound over the Wadia. The Wyred also has the extremely large 88,000uf power supply. Translates into much stronger/fuller bass, fuller midrange, no leanness.

That being said, I have not heard either DAC, so I don’t know the sonic signature differences.

Haven’t heard Wadia . I’m thrilled with my Wyred4Sound DAC1v2 with femto clock upgrade . Huge improvement over dac in LUMIN D1 streamer .
Thanks for the input. I already have a W4S Amp and Remedy Reclocker so I think I will go with the W4S. I hope I am right. I dont have a chance to listen to equipment as I am 5 hrs from the closest Hi Fi store so I have to go with feedback, Input  and gut feelings! Thanks Again!