XA5400es for redbook CDs

I'm well aware of the ES's reputation as a great SACD player. However, how good is it as a redbook CD player?
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If my setup uses outboard DACs and that's how I would use the XA5400es, is it worth it to add to my system?

As for jitter, I would assume most will no longer talk about it after the updated digital lens comes out.
The improvement comes mostly from the better platform of the 5400 which reduces the jitter, including a super clock. Great machine.
I replaced a fine sounding Sony DVP-S9000ES with a SCD-XA5400ES, and was struck by the improvement in redbook CD sound. My impression is CD playback got a lot of attention in the design of the XA5400ES. A well recorded CD leaves little to be desired when played on a XA5400ES IMO.