XA9000ES or Better Quality for a Streaming

What DAC is recommended in order to get good quality streams from as Logitech Duet? I wish to get equal or better quality to my XA9000ES player. All files are ripped at CD lossless or better. I would like to stay around $1000 or less.
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DAC1 is on my short list too. I din't have a dealer to listen to this stuff right now so I will rely on recommendsations and www reviews.
Appologies -
My source was/is CD's ripped to a lossless format. I may be adding some 24/96 downloads. Currently a logitech Harmony is the source for the stream but the DAC's are not all that great thus my desire to upgrade.
I'm open to other ideas and may consider adding a dedicated computer if that would be best but I already have serveral in the house to maintain so it's not my first choice.