Xindak Fuse Question

Has anybody tried these silver fuses? If so, what was your application and experience? The most recent post I can find on these fuses is nearly two years old and there was no response at the time. Wondering if anybody has tried them since.
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R99999 is right about the counterfeit goods that come from China. It's ashame, but we all need to be aware of our purchases from there.

However, I do use the Xindak fuses along with the German HiFi fuses. There has been a few threads about which was best. I think they are both good and I use both throughout my system.

As with everything, the fuses are system dependent as well. I like the HIFI fuse's midrange, and use them on my preamp and amps. I use the Xindak fuse on my CD player which balances the system with an extended top.

Good luck

I am using HiFi Tuning Fuses (3) in my in ss integrated amp to great positive effect. Your comments prompt two questions:

1. So the Xindak silver fuses are a bit brighter or "tipped up" compared to the HiFi Tuning fuses, or less bright?

Not quite sure what effect you are attributing to the Xindaks?

2. You have found significant value in replacing fuses in your CD player in general - how did this compare to changing the fuses in your pre and amp? In terms of amount or intensity of the effect? In terms of quality of the effect?

I liked the effect of the HiFi Tuning fuses in my ss amp because they both increased resolution while rounding out the sound a bit. Some Agoners have referred to the effect as making the sound of their system more "liquid". My Cambridge 640C v2 CDP has resolution in spades, but could benefit from some additional "liquidity", if you know what I mean.

I believe the Xindaks are cheaper than the HiFi Tuning fuses, so if fuse "rolling" is warranted in my CDP, I would chose them first if they will have the desired effect.

Thanks in advance.
Xindak fuses are not bright, I found them to be more open and transparent than the HiFi tuning fuses. But did not have the midrange like the HiFi tuning fuses.

I did not like either one of them when installed in all of the components. I found using both in my system balanced it very nicely. The only way to know the fuses effect on each component is to try them separately or in combination.

I'm sure this will vary from component to component and as with everything audio, let your ears be your guide.

Love cheap tweaks........have fun.
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