Xindak MS-1201 anyone heard?

Has anyone heard it? I was thinking of how good match would that be for Shindo Aurieges/Montille combo. ?
I can not believe it. How come no one has heard such intersting and cheap speakers?
03-24-12: Milpai
Looks like a design from Pi loudspeakers (Wayne Parham's design)."

Wayne makes great speakers, and very reasonably priced. I've only heard them at shows but they did sound good. Funny too that his customers seem to hang around and BS with him and just seem to have fun. If I were looking I would definately check him out.
Oh yeah, these do look like knock-offs.
Keep your fork, there's pi!
I'd still like to hear from someone who has heard these speakers. There is a distributer in San Jose, CA if anyone is close - hint hint

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