XLR recomendation

I’m looking for a recommendation XLR between my DAVE (with M Scaler) and Pathos Heritage MKii hybrid integrated. My speakers are Tannoy Kensington GRs  

I’d like to spend no more than $2K new or used. Currently running SR Element Copper unbalanced.  
Happy Thanksgiving all. 


AZ Absolute Copper (used them for few years) is a good recommendation if you are looking for warmer, thicker sound with big bass (could sound bloated depending on the rest of the system and room). I moved on to Nordost Tyr 2. Better balanced top to bottom, slightly more resolution, tighter bass, better separation and bigger soundstage. Again, it’s all system and listening preference dependent.

I had a very good result going from Zavfino's Fusion RCA to Fusion XLR from my phono stage to hybrid integrated. Under $400 delivered.

Using the same cable allowed me to really hear the difference between single-ended and balanced, which was huge.

FWIW, they only sell direct and have skinny margins, so my guess is these would be 3-4 times the cost if they went through normal distributor-to-retailer channels. 

(If money is no object then you could look at the Silver Dart XLRs for around $1,600) 

I'm also using an SR Atmosphere cable (digital coax) from my transport to my DAC. Just replaced my single ended cables (Core Power Technologies Diamond) from my DAC to my fully balanced preamp with XLRs.. Based on a tip, I chose a pair of Mogami Neglex 2534 quad cables with Neutrik connectors. I purchased these from 10 Audio for only $109. 

I was surprised at the easily audible improvement in micro detail, allowing more insight into the timbre of voices and instruments. I can hear deeper into the mix. Also noticed that it produced more volume and I had to turn down my volume to get a similar apparent listening level to the single ended cables. The manufacturer claims to burn the cables in for 100 hours before shipping. Depending on your system, it may be a bit too detailed- less warm and euphonic- for long listening sessions, but at this price, it's worth a shot. This type of cable is widely used in studios for RFI and other noise rejection. 

Saec SL 3000 - PC Triple C Wire for the Signal Path. 

Difficult to improve on this Cable and fairly priced in relation to the competition. 


I've been using Mogami Neglex for years. My setup uses 30' cables. But the equipment in my system supports AES48 so the sonic differences between cables disappear. Part of the reason to go balanced is to eliminate the differences between cables- and so this thread really shouldn't exist. But it does because AES48 (the balanced line standard) isn't being supported by the associated equipment.

If you've ever wondered why audio engineers say interconnect cables don't make a difference and audiophiles say they do, its not because engineers use less transparent equipment, its because their equipment supports the balanced standard.

It was this standard that ushered in the age of high fidelity in the 1950s; it made long microphone cables possible. There are many thousands of recordings that show it works 😉