Xmas gift suggestions

My brother has been putting together a nice little system and I would like to get him something to help out this Christmas. My budget is a few hunderd dollars.

His system includes:

Paradigm Studio 40 monitors on stands
Primaire A30 amp
Primaire Pre 30
Trigon Phono Pre
Champion 2 Turntable
Riga 300 tonearm
Blue Point Special EVO III cartridge
Siltech IC's & speaker wires
Dedicated circuits with hospital grade outlets

Any ideas?
Get him some K-Works Isofeet for under his turntable, preamp and amp. You'll be amazed with the effect that great isolation has on his system. Once you hear it you'll be asking for Isofeet for your birthday. Contact Igor K. at: gorkuz@yahoo.com Happy Holidays