Y No YG ?

Hi Everyone, 

It just occurred to me that I never see YG Acoustics mentioned. With exotic cabinets and driver manufacturing, I would think they'd be discussed as often as Wilson, B&W or Magico. 

Personally I haven't heard them, but I like their brochures! 


My Carmels have great tight fast bass ...  being a sealed design it’s not big as a ported design would have , but it is very good quality , textured and controlled.  Goes to 35 hz easily .  
When does a $110,000 speaker pair actually cost at least $160,000 or more?When you incorporate the necessary high end preamp and  amplifier(s) to drive the speakers to deliver their highest possible sonic performance.
The YGs are fantastic paired with the right gear ...  I tried no less than 6 preamps -  each time getting a bit closer to what I wanted.   Simply put the YGs show you what’s behind them .., if it’s bright my guess is up stream a piece of gear is causing it .  My YG Carmel 1s are much easier to drive than my Magicos were and cost a good chunk more  than the S1s when new., Find used ones!   the gear to drive the YGs was less expensive as the speakers are  easier to drive than their sensitivity rating would indicate.  To be clear  that  does not mean all gear will sound good on the YGs .   Also Carmels are not 100k either ,  closer to 18k,  only about 82k difference.  I will tell you the YGs beat out Magico S1, Nola KOs , Revel Ultima Gems,   and my old altec 612 coaxial recording monitors.,  the Altecs held there own , but have a classic vibe .   YG Acoustics Carmel’s do a great job of getting the music right .   I can’t speak to the rest of the line as I have not heard any other offerings first hand .   However ,  if they are like the Carmels ... they will make great music , just set you back some dollars .  
That is simply not true; the impedance (and efficency) is rather similar. I have listened to the Carmel and the S1, the S1 is much better in all aspect, and it is cheaper. It goes lower, it plays louder, and it was sweeter with more extension on the top. I ultimately bought the A3, for the extra haft on the bottom. I think the A5 will put an end to any doubt, its in a different league all together. I am saving ;)