Yamaha c-2 vs. modern powerhouse

I've recently been listening to a Yamaha C-2 preamp ($650 in 1977-1979)I found for cheap vs. my reference Musical Fidelity 308cr. It's been beating my reference in all my listening so far (tuner and CD listening), because of stronger bass and dynamics, combined with equal or better detail. I did not expect this, and don't want to decide that my expensive piece is not as good. I assume that it's some kind of "synergy" effect with my Magneplanar Tympanis, Rotel amp, and cheap CD changer, but what do you all think of this finding? Several other people use the same terms I do to describe the differences, even though I did not tell them what I think.
Yes I know what you are talking about I bought a c2a and liked it so much I bought another one in almost perfect shape. Just got it back from my Tech who went through the whole thing and cleaned it up. This unit is paired with a pair of 3 watt Bottlehead Paramour 2A2 monoblocks that Power a set of Yamaha Ns-1000M'S speakers. The result is simply Outstanding sound...The C2A beats my Linn Wakonda hands down except no remote, oh well can't have everything!
I think you are correct a lot of your result with this pre-amp will depend on synergy with the other pieces.
I had a C2A that I aquired for free. At the same time I also had a Sumo Athena which I decided to keep.
The Sumo had a passive mode that I really liked and sounded better than when in active.