Yamaha DSP-A1 for 2.1 System

I used to have an A1 way back when but unfortunately decided to sell it when HDMI rolled around.

Would it be worth tracking down one of these to drive a pair of KEF LS50s?   I have a Peachtree unit running another pair for my wife in the den but I'm a huge fan of the older gear and it would be cool just having one of these again.   I'd only be using it for an analog in 2.1 channel config.

I have been a fan of the Yamaha DSP A1 ever since I saw the gold model with the polished wood sides many years ago. They have a huge litany of features, but unfortunately they pre-date HDMI which seems to be the big reason that people unload them. I had one for sale this past weekend at a garage sale with two Yamaha speakers, and today I still have it. Beats me! For the record, I'm not trying to circumvent the Audiogon system, I just wanted to make the point that they are not as popular as they once were. 

I loved mine, there was no market for it, but I still think it is a good 2 channel piece - but the LS50 deserves much better
As a further comment on my posting above, I sold my Yamaha DSP A1 the next weekend, along with another Yamaha system. I sold them both on one of the no-fee websites. I sold them cheap and the family that bought them were thrilled to get them. The point is that with equipment that old (despite being beautifully built), in order to sell it you need to either price it low, find the right buyer or be willing to wait a very long time.