Yamaha NS 5000

Anybody know if or when the Yamaha NS 5000 speaker will hit the US shores? There was a great thread on A’Gon on this new speaker but it is now deleted? Other than an Australian and UK review I do not see too much conversation about this speaker. I am intrigued because Doug Schneider (of SoundstageHiFi.com) said in a blog post that these new speakers were the best sounding ones at the Tokyo audio show that also had other top line speakers.
I read that review. I do not understand why they have not hit the US or Canada yet.
It looks like the NS 5000 finally hit Canada but not the USA yet. Anybody who went to the recent audio show in Toronto and heard these speakers want to chime in one their impressions. The most recent reviews I have read have been rather conflicting. 

This reviewer does not understand the accolades thrown towards the speaker:

While the followup in the same site contradicts that review.


I am about to place an order for the Magico A3 speaker but I always wanted to hear the Yamaha NS 5000. Now that it may come to the USA and I could easily get it from Canada (I have non-audiophile family in Toronto)  this speaker has re-emerged as a candidate to consider. So any feedback would be appreciated.

Heard the ns5000 today at Toronto audiofest and I can say that it was one of the best speakers at the show. Incredible big live Dynamic Sound with one of the most impressive sound stages I've ever heard. Will do a write-up of my full impressions of the show on my website Sonic Visions dot Org