Yamaha R-N803 one of the best values in high-end audio?

I’ve now lived with the Yamaha R-N803 STEREO receiver (it is not an audio/video receiver) for over 6 months. I believe it’s one of the best values in high-end audio. For $750, you get a preamp, amp, phono preamp, DAC, and Wi-Fi streamer (Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, etc) all controlled by Yamaha’s excellent Android/IPad MusicCast app. The amp is a discrete 100 wpc into 8 ohms with two pairs of binding posts for each channel. The DAC supports up to DSD 5.6 MHz and the internet connection can be wired or wireless. It has the YPAO (Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer) which is an automatic speaker calibration system. Its well engineered and made. I’ve read reviews of other All-In-One (AIO) units with various problems such as supposedly having Wi-Fi streaming but it never materializes or doesn’t work, or having insufficient power, or hum problems. The Yamaha has non of those problems.

The sound quality is excellent right-out-of-the-box but (as with a lot of gear) an upgraded power cord, footers and fuse (please don’t go off on "the fuse debate") substantially improved its sound quality. The soundstage width, depth and height is excellent. The midrange clarity is very, very good as well as the control of the bass. The treble improved the most with the upgrades but is now excellent.

I don’t know of any AIOs, or even systems, anywhere near $750 that does all of this so well. Have others tried this unit? What do you think? Are there better ones out there in this price range with the same or more functions?

Yamaha is one of the worlds largest firms  with some of the world greatest engineers .
Marantz is a name held by a financial firm .
There are two big features I wished the Yamaha 803 had, their sound enhancer for compressed files and pre outs (to upgrade the amp section at some point). Although the power amp is optimized for stereo playback and is better then most of their multichannel AV offerings, there are better options out there in the used market.  For example the 803 can be found used for around 500-600.  With that budget I’d recommend something like the Yamaha WXC-50 streamer / pre instead ($300 or less) and a dedicated 2ch amp like a Linn LK140, ATI1502, Adcom 5400 etc (around $300-400).  Or use the WXC-50 as a streamer/DAC and go w an entry level integrated amp (NAD/Rotel/Arcam).  The options are endless. 
I’m not saying the 803 isn’t a great value, it is one of the best values for a single box solution, but it’s limited from an upgrade standpoint. 
Can’t comment of the Marantz unit but I do have the 803 in my living room system paired with Meadowlark Herron I’s and I think its a fantastic bargain. The sound quality is very good for the money. I’ve had more than a few costlier amps in this system and the 803 has more than held it’s own. To name just a few: Kinki EX-M1, Primare I30, Hegel H160, Yamaha AS2100, Wells Audio Majestic, Denon PMA 160one, Vincent SV 226 mk, SimAudio i3.3. For the money you can’t go wrong with the 803. 

I agree with your comments on the shortcomings, I wish it had variable pre-outs as well. Having space constraints in the system it resides in the one box solution works very well and drives my Meadowlarks effortlessly. However I am curious  to try some higher end AIO integrated amps and will probably do so soon.
Anyone have insight on the Yamaha R-N803 vs the A-S801? I know the R-N803 has built in streaming capabilities but how does it sound compared to the A-S801?