Yamaha T-80 tuner FM connector type?

I bought a used Yamaha T-80 tuner. The tuner has a 75 ohms unbalanced connector for connecting to an FM antenna. I have an FM antenna that has an F-type connector (coax like), which does not seem work with the T-80's 75 ohms unbalanced connector. Does anyone know what the T-80's ohms unbalanced connector is called? Any convertor that I can use to connect the F-type connector to the T-80? Thanks!
Yeah, I've got a T-85 and from your description, its the same deal. I bought an adaptor that is male F-threads on one end and a push on connector at the other. Can't remember whether I got it at RS, or went to my local electronics wholesaler/antenna supplier. The actual connector on the Yammie may be a European PAL-type, cause those are push-ons (I have on on my Loewe TV).
I got the right adapter from RadioShack. It's called "F(US)-to-PAL(European)" Adapter. It costs me $2.99 plus tax.

Thanks for the help!