Yamaha vs Rotel

Hi Everyone,

I am torn between Yamaha AS-2200 VS Rotel RA1592 (or RA1572 +RB1590 Separates) for my DALI Speakers. Could you shed some light on their characteristic differences in terms of sonic performance? Thanks in advance.
it was shorter than that of my other option in the dictionary (antidisestablishmentarianism.)So I thought I'd go with this one to make things simple.
For a streamer with DAC, Node 2i new or used.  Use the built-in DAC for a while, than save up for an external R2R DAC. 
RME dac is an excellent choice. Now that Bluesound has roon that would be a great option as well.
Personally I'd like to see you move up the scale to a better amp, a Musical Fidelity perhaps.
I think pretty much any streamer/DAC combo will be a step below your system, even going used.  If you’re up for it, I think something like a raspberry pi streamer with a Gustard A18 DAC would give you better performance than an integrated unit at this price level.  It also gives you greater flexibility to upgrade one or the other as tech evolves.  Anyway, that’s what I’d do FWIW, and best of luck in whatever you decide.