Yamamoto distribution

I noticed that Venus Hi-Fi formerly the U.S. distributor of Yamamoto products appears to have quietly closed up shop. Does anyone know whether Yamamoto products will be picked up by another dealer or distributor? Thanks!
I think that means noone has the line. Any intrepid dealers out there that want a quality line of excellent, well respected products that offer real value would do well to look into picking them up.
To all interested parties:

I got a response from Yamamoto Sound Craft re dealers in the US. They have not selected a replacement dealer for the US market at this time. However they are temporarily accepting direct orders in the interim for a period of time solely determined by them, not me. I assume when a new dealer is identified, Yamamoto Sound Craft will cease accepting direct orders.

I want to reiterate that I do not speak on behalf of nor do I commit Yamamoto Sound Craft to any obligation(s) of any kind, expressed or implied. With that said, here's is an excerpt of what I received from Yamamoto Sound Craft as of Jan 22, 2012.

Thank you for your e-mail.
After VENUS HIFI resigned from a dealer, a still new dealer was not decided.
We consider direct trade as an American customer for a while.
Please give our company an order directly.

We accept the payment by VISA, MASTER card.
When you make payment by a credit card, 7% of commission is separately required.
When you make payment by PAYPAL, 4% of commission is separately required.
Our PAYPAL account is same as this mail adress.
When you make payment in a bank wire, 4000 yen commission is required separately.

Also, the bank account is as follows.
Name:Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Miki Branch
Address: 2-3-12, Honmachi, Miki, Hyogo Pref. Japan
Account No.:3761891
Account Mame:Yamamoto Sound Craft Corp.


Shigeki Yamamoto

Yamamoto Sound Craft Corp.
726 Sakaki-tyo
Ono-City, Hyogo
675-1323 Japan

Tel 81-794-62-5655 Fax 81-794-63-6405