Yanni or Laurel?

Is this why some reviewers/audiophiles hear differences others can't?


I only hear Laurel and my wife only hears Yanni.  
Oh futz. People are different and what one hears does not mean that what the other hears is wrong. Haven't you ever looked at a sky with clouds on a nice day out of your left eye and then out of your right? The two eyes are different. Is one right and the other wrong?

There's a lot of judgemental snobbery in this hobby. There always was.Live and let live I always say.
Except for those fuse nuts. Man, go figure...
I hear Lsurel but can barely hear Yanni riding on top of it

if that makes sense
I've always heard "Yanni". When I moved the NYT slider to the third tick from the left I started hearing "Laurel". Then as I moved it towards the right I kept hearing "Laurel" all the way to the farthest right tick. It was only after I paused it that I started hearing "Yanni" again. And when I moved it back to the left I started hearing "Laurel" by the middle tick. 
OK, so Laurel seems to be tracking around 60%, and Yanny the other 40%. Here's the thing though. These two words are entirely different!. I am amazed by this, as I have only ever heard Laurel. I have tried different sources, moved to different rooms, but it's always Laruel. The people who hear Yanny, I truly believe can hear OK as it's about 40% of us. If we were comparing 2 words like "witch" and "stich" I would expect such diversity, but Yanny & Laurel? I wonder if there are other things that people hear differently.