YBA passion 300 very important

Hello to everyone - About 2 years i was looking for passion 300 integratet - in past time i like the sound of it...

And now i found one - Dealler told me that's a amp in superb condition but have 2 little scratches on the top from CD player that was stay on top.

I wanna know who heard this amp and good reliability or not? becous this amp 10 produce about 10 years ago)

If i must to chek some detail in this model where i must see.

Ohh forgot to say - he want 7k $ for it...

Tell me please all about that amp - thanks a lot.

sorry for my bad english.
Спасибо за ответ в моем посте - аппарат на момент выхода стоил 6390 английских фунтов.

Вы наверно нашли цену на самый первый их усилитель YBA Интегре

Но все ровно я думаю цена несколько завышена.
Thank you for your response to my post - the unit at the time was worth 6390 pounds.

You might find the price of their very first amplifier YBA Integra

But exactly I think the price is somewhat overstated.
I reviewed this amp for positive-feedback over (10) years ago, one of my favorite sounding pieces of equipment ever....

The YBA Passion, 3A Dulcet and the Devore Super 8s were the (3) most outstanding products i have ever reviewed over 15 years.....

Good Luck and Enjoy