year end best of list...the "Bones"

It's that time of the year again. One of the simple pleasures of the 'Gon is turning on to new music. Audiogon members tend to have eclectic, but high quality taste in multiple genres. Where else can you find advice on Spanish guitar music, Porcupine Tree, Shubert, reggae, or the best Lindsey Buckingham recording? I particularly enjoy the geographic diversity the forum brings to the table. Here is one from the South. There have been numerous "best of" threads already started, but here is the one recording that I keep going back to:
St. Paul and the Broken Bones- "Half the City".
These guys are from a small town in Alabama and channel the Muscle Shoals vibe. The lead singer looks like an accountant, but if you like Otis Redding and Al Green, you will love the "Bones". Check out "Call Me" on youtube.
Here are my top 5 of 2014, in no particular order:

Ryan Adams-Ryan Adams
Joanne Shaw Taylor-The Dirty Truth
Looking Into You-A Tribute To Jackson Browne
Annie Lennox-Nostalgia
The New Pornographers-Brill Bruisers

Plus a couple more for good measure:

Melissa Etheridge-This Is M.E.
Slaw and Mofi,

Thanks for the additions. I agree with Ryan Adams and love Lucinda. You have given me some new ideas for stocking stuffers.
The New Basement Tapes is a keeper. Quite an ensemble. I saw St. Paul and the Broken Bones late night on Conan. Made me set right up in bed wondering who that white guy was. Guys got range.
I want to check out Jenny Lewis and Tweedy.
Maxnewid: Upon your recommendation and my auditioning, I ordered and just received the St. Paul (lp). I knew upon reading the players that I'd heard of the last name (Janeway) before. Yes, he played on Jason Isbell's lp, on one of my top lps from last year.

I'll listen to it tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up!
Maxnewid: Check this one out... Frazey Ford "Indian Ocean", then if you really want to be blown away, check out Frazy's "Obadiah" before it's gone. (lp)