Yes, another audiophile at a crossroads story and request for advice

I find as I’m rapidly approaching retirement that 2 competing thoughts about enjoying music after i retire. First, Im really looking forward to having the time to relax and listen to music any day of the week (not just the weekend now). Second, I don’t expect to be continue any significant investment in equipment upgrades post bringing home a paycheck. 
My current system consists of a 30+ year old Linn LP12 with Linn cartridge and Vincent PHO-701 tube phono pre-amp. I only listen to analog when i want to enjoy an album i bought in the 60’s - 80’s. 
90+% of my listening is streaming Tidal using Roon via Roon Nucleus, Lumin D2 as a streamer only, feeding a RME ADI-2-FS DAC. 
i still enjoy my CD collection (9% of my listening) and still purchase CDs) on a Primaluna tube CD player. 
All these are connected to a Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP integrated amp with original primaluna tubes from Upscale Audio.  My speakers are the original Joseph Audio Perspectives (not the graphene version). 
Power and interconnect cables are mid-level grade and power management via Niagara 1200. 
i listen mostly to instrumental jazz. 
This system is enjoyable, but I’m missing the last elements of sound details that reproduce an accurate organic sense of hearing guitar strings being plucked or picked, drum sticks hitting/tapping membranes or brass cymbals, the sound of a string base wood cavity vibrate. Hopefully that describes what im looking for. I do not like hyper/etched detail especially in the upper frequencies. 
I will add that the Primaluna CD player is the most enjoyable source of the 3 I currently.  Oh, and i also want to simplify my system. 
So, if you come with me this far to the intersection, heres what im debating. Should i chunk the integrated and Perspectives and invest in a top notch set of headphones (like the Focal Clear MG) and dedicated headphone amp?  In other words go to a headphone system. Or should i go the route of chucking all but the Perspectives and the Nucleus and invest in a high quality Roon approved integrated amp with built in DAC/Streamer?


@ezstreams I have been working too full-time jobs in 2023 and I am working very late hours while the family sleeps. The SR1a and CA1a are life savers for me and have made me money. I cannot imagine working so much without the RAALs.

The SR1a can be used for long hours without any discomfort. Only issue with them is that you cannot lay in bed with them on. That is the reason I also got the CA-1a phone.

I have been contacted by people that have sold systems at the level and cost of Magico to go just with the SR1a. The quality of the sound from the RAAL ribbons is incredible and I think hard for other headphones to touch, especially if you come from a 2-channel background. Main complaint I hear from headphone people on the SR1a is that it does not sound like headphones. For 2-channel people that should be a great feature.

The chances of you getting great sound with the SR1a is 100% with a decent amp while with speakers the room and other factors can lead to a higher chance of things being somewhat less than perfect.

BTW - I have an office and Livingroom system that I think are perfect. I threw out all my boxes so this gear is not going anywhere. My RAALs are good as my office system (Magnepan based) and almost as good as my Livingroom, Yamaha NS5000 based. I listen for at least 10 hours M-F (usually 15 hours).

@zlone Thank you for those recommended checks:

- The only other DACs i’ve had in my system were an Oppo Sonica DAC (many years ago) and more recently the onboard DAC in the Lumin D2 (which eventually led to my search for a better/separate DAC leading me to the well reviewed and “adjustable” RME i have currently. 
- The Primaluna CD player sounds good using its internal DAC but better to my 67 year old/cant hear above ~ 10KHz ears using the RME. 
- internet is 100% hardwired from street through entire system. No optical isolation though. 
- SPDIF cable is not high or mid end based on recommendation of the customer technical support person i purchased from. He said it was a waste of money to spend more  there. 
@ghdprentice i was surprised about the real-life-apparent efficiency of the Perspectives. I never had to move the 70 wpch Primaluna volume knob above 9;00 to meet my volume needs (not loud, but really at a comfortable listening level) leaving tons of amp headroom.

I would first try some tube rolling in the integrated. You can completely change the sound of an amplifier by experimenting with different tube combinations.  

@paradisecom thank you, but i have been experimenting for several years and feel like its growing time to fish or cut bait.  
The suggestions in this thread have convinced me that going to a dedicated headphone listening system is not the.path to suit me.  
what specific tubes do you you recommend that would provide the organic accuracy I’m desparately searching for?

@mahler123 ....My sympathies to you about the funk of flunk....

But, you're in good and still growing company, although some will be or are loathe to testify they've been robbed....

Age doth have some privileges', but this ain't one of them.😒

The 'bright side' of this 'lp' is the excuse to wear a set of semi-custom earpieces entirely throughout your day playing whatever soundtrack you wish to have for your daily 'movie'....(channeling Dire Straits' 'Roller Girl'....but please, don't dress for that role... many just will not understand...)

...although, personally, the occasional 'break move' with a shopping cart in the F. Astaire mode can be fun...;)