Yesterday's Spinners

I'm curious just how good, both as digital processors and CD spinners, a couple of state-of-the-art players from yesterday compare with the best of today.

I have to assume that the new Luxman D-10x has to surpass the Luxman D-08u in some way. 

And I see Soulution has chosen to no longer offer a spinner. So, just how good is the discontinued Soulution 541?
Stereo5: So sorry I took the liberty to refer to a CD player as a "spinner". Oh, the disc Does have to Spin for the machine to be able play it, does it not?  Ugh! 
PS Audio is just announcing a new Perfectwave SACD/CD transport. Should be a solid option for those who want a new disc transport. I used to have a PS Audio Directwave transport, and it did a great job feeding a SOTA DAC.
              Which older spinners do you recommend? Currently using an
old Pioneer elite laserdisc player.

Cambridge CXC transport only is a new one that's very good for the money. And I've got my eye on a Denafrips Avatar one day.

Many, at the moment, I'm using a very nice sounding old one Arcam Delta 250 transport only. So far the best one I've had was a Wadia WT2000 two box transport, trouble was it had a Sony KS151A laser, and they are like hens teeth now to get, so I sold it while it was working good. Another good one was a Pioneer PD77 stable platter, same problem getting a laser now.  
I would stick with CD only ones as some hybrids have different lasers to play other formats, and to me don't sound as good as dedicated cd ones.

Cheers George