YG versus MBL versus Borrensen versus Vandersteen

I am an owner of Vandersteen Treo CT.

I was at SWAF and heard the YG, MBL and Borresen. Under $15 K, how do they compare?


If you are by Audio Connection in Verona NJ we will be working with them with our new preamps and amplifiers.  Oure recent demonstration there on the Quattro's was mid blowing.  Call and ask John.

Happy Listening. 

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Enjoy the Treo a very musical speaker. Consider joining the Vandersteen owners forum. A fantastic upgrade for your Treo is the matching sub 3 and high pass filters… it’s way more than better and deeper bass as it yields even better midrange.


Sure… a Sub 3 is a very unique Vandersteen subwoofer w 11 bands of EQ to address room node issues which allows you great bass AND the flexibility to place your mains ( in your case Treo ) for best imaging. The high pass filters greatly reduce to bass load on your main amp and Treo increase in midrange clarity. You can see a Treo CT / Sub 3 system on my Casa Pacifica system page.