yggdrasil dac and Innous Zenith MK2

Anyone out there using a yggdrasil dac with an Innous Zenith MK2 that would be willing to share their experience with that combination.  I've read mostly positive reviews of the yggdrasil, but none with a Zenith.  I'm currently using the Zenith with a NAD M12 pre/dac.  While the SQ is very good, I'm looking to sell the M12 and buy a tube pre amp.
I asked the company at a show, what was their favourite DAC under £2000, to match the Zenith. they had no second thoughts, the newish Chord Qutest. I've heard them together and the sound is excellent.
This is good news.  The price is much better than the DirectStream or the La Voice.  Thanks. 

I'm going to the Capital Audiofest next month.  Hopefully, I can talk to Innous or Chord while there.

UK magazines judging UK brands use to be a not very reliable source IMHO. So, their reviews on Qutest are worthless for me. 

I'm not sure that's fair cortes, no magazine can be 100% trusted, because of commercial pressures, but reviewing on the basis of country of origin? HiFiNews is very enthusiastic about US products, particularly ARC and Wilson of course.

OldSchool, I forgot to say, the Innuos rep said there are upgrades coming out early next year, for the Zenith2, which I have as well. If I remember correctly, there is an internal power supply upgrade, from the Zenith 3 and an external USB input, which came out of development of the Statement Server. That of course, would be available to you, as no internal mods required. Not so sure about the internal power supply upgrade. You wouldn't want to be paying to send your Zenith to Europe and back. Perhaps you can ask the company about that when you go to Audiofest.

david12, thanks for the info.  

I bought a demo Zenith from a local dealer after hearing it in my system, knowing the MK3 was coming out.  I compared it against my McIntosh MCD 7008 CDP and Squeezebox Duet.  Needless to say, the Zenith SQ was considerably better.  I'm quite happy with what I have - but, will definitely check into the upgrades.