You cannot buy original Altec 515 /416 /604 cones

People are under the impression GPA in OKC manufactures exact duplicate cones for Altec speakers.

That is NOT accurate. They don't even pass the "look" test. The paper is different and therefore the voice coil is different. The wire mesh in the duct cover is a larger mesh. The differences are not large but they are differences.

The size of the 8XX and 2XXX such as the 802-8G and 288-16H drivers are different. Ask if you can exchange internal parts.

I hate this reality as I love Altec, and I really like and respect the guys at GPA. It is just that IF you have original Altec items hold on to them and treat them as the rare bird they are. You will not be able to reproduce the sound any other way.
What's your point?

GPA does not advertise them as "Original"
do they? They only say "Replacement Parts We Manufacture".

Or this...
NO ONE ELSE can manufacture diaphragms for your Altec high frequency compression drivers that perform exactly as the originals did! Our team of skilled craftsmen were all long-time Altec employees, assuring that our parts and service meet and exceed original Altec Lansing standards for performance, quality, and durability.

Besides, some Altec drivers sounds much better when recone(416-8B in my experience).

I hate this reality as I love Altec

I highly doubt that! Because if you really do, you will not have the nerve to say those false accusations against GPA who's the only source of authentic parts for Altecs where service is second to none. Show us your system and I will give you a benefit of the doubt.

Why don't you post this same rant at and see what kind of response you will get.
I would agree [have original Altec items hold on to them and treat them as the rare bird they are.] I am happy as all heck that GPA exists still to me OS or NOS Altec is the better sounding but if damaged or in need of a new transducer why not GPA. I but not see anything False maybe just a slight rant. I do think most Altec collectors etc know this but not the general audio buying public so maybe it did need to be said.
First, I wasn't meaning to disparage Bill and his crew. Bill is one of the two best speaker techs I know.

Many, if not of the things GPA makes sound great. I do not however think they sound as good as Altec. I like the original cones on the 515 and 416, they are just more expensive. Thier versions of the 604 is interesting because although the cones are not as good as the original, the choice of horns are probably better.

The biggest difference are the HF drivers. If you spend extra money and get them to use Alnico mags they sound pretty good, but still not as good as the 288's with the Alnico's and better phase plug. I have a pair of some of the last Altec 288's with Alnics and the better phase plug. They are fantastic. I also have a couple of pair of Altec 802-G. Bill made one by hand and they sound great. The Altec.

I like GPA a lot.....they are just not Altec.