You ended up with Ayre, what are your speakers?

Like many topics, I’m not asking for buying recommendations.  As an audiophile I’m genuinely curious if you are a current Ayre user, what speakers do you run with them, and how is the synergy?

I've always loved the sound, but never quite was able to swing that way, ending up with Luxman.  Those of you who have gone with Ayre, how are you using them?






AYRE AX-5 (Twenty) with Thiel Audio. In comparison with a Luxman, the later will add a measure of warmth characteristic in Japanese electronics. Another way to describe the presentation and sound is Golden. One cannot go wrong either way.


Happy Listening!

I’ve deployed  Ayre AX-5 TWENTY, Ayre QB-9 TWENTY,

with Cerious loom.  Driving a pair of Paradigm Persona 3F’s.

Surprising synergy, presence.


I lurk way too often and don’t post enough, but this question inspires me to comment.  I am using a very old AX-7e with Klipsch Forte IV and against all odds, it’s an awesome pairing.  I’ve had several tube integrateds well into the 5 digits and while they were different/better in some ways, there’s just something so musical about this little Ayre integrated that I keep coming back to it.

A few caveats…I have a warm sounding dac (Metrum Acoustics Pavane w/DAC 3 chips) and a very well damped room, so that could obviously be playing to the Ayre’s strengths.  That said, the AX-7e’s strengths are coming through so pronounced, I’m struggling to find a reason to upgrade, even though everything in my system is more expensive and more recent.

By the way, I’ve had the AX-5 Twenty (great amp) and the VX-5e (great amp just a bit bass shy)…not saying the AX-7e is a world beater but for me, it keeps surprising me, even after owning it for so long.

Love Ayre - their products, their philosophy, their customer service.  Huge fan!